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Free To Join

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Rock your Glam!

Get ready to amp it up! Rocking your glam.




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Free .. Now That’s What I’m Talking About

Can you believe that you can start a business for FREE.? For a limited time only.                   recruit1


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Earn the money!

With Avon’s Free Sign-Ups, there’s lots of money on the table for you! ❤️
Everyone will earn $20 for EACH person they bring in who places that 1st or 2nd $150 order! 😍
And All New Reps will earn the $20 for EACH Person they bring in who places that 1st or 2nd $150 order AND $20 for EVERY $200 you sell in each Campaign during your first 8 Campaigns. 😍
And if you’re new, there’s another $1,500 in bonuses for you too! 👀
Wow! There’s money there for you! Don’t leave it on the table! 💰
recruit3Who is going for this???? Shout out below! ❤️www.youravon.com/carlagriffin


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Being an Avon Representative has perks


I personally started as making extra money for that nasty habit  I had, like cigarettes. Than I became serious because I became unemployed. Its like “oh shit, what do I do now?” . Two kids and being single mom is not easy. So as I was pounding the pavement looking for a job (before apps were taking online), I took my brochures with me just in case I could give them out to someone I knew. I was pulling this wagon with the kids and going place to place, I had 20 books. Before I realized it those books were gone. I went home and was thinking if only I would get orders would be nice, but I didn’t get follow up info so I couldn’t call them. I didn’t have any more books but I had old ones so I put my information on them and went out the next day looking for people I knew, afraid to talk to the ones I didn’t. I was desperate I put in apps every where I knew as I go people asked if I sold Avon because I was carrying the books, I was not a people person and was afraid to ask for follow up info. As I did this for two weeks. I ended with a job and a business that’s is still booming because of consistency.

Right now Avon is running a promotion of Free Sign up. Yes you read that right FREE!

www.youravon.com/carlagriffin and click on want to become a rep and get started today

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Avons New Pathway to Premier

Avon’s New Pathway to Premier Incentive


Avon has announced a new incentive for new reps to reach $3000 in a 4 months.

Avon taps into your passion into your business for a quick start to achieving your goals and making money in every campaign. In 8 campaigns you can make $2000 additional bonus                                                                                                                                                 Onto the bonuses to reward you along the Pathway to Premier!
Stepping Stone Bonuses reward you with $20 for every $200 in sales you achieve within
a campaign. For example: $600 in campaign sales = a $60 bonus. You can earn up to a total of $500 in Stepping Stone Bonuses.
Milestone Bonuses reward you with a 10% bonus for every $1,000 in cumulative sales
during your first 8 campaigns, maxing out at a $500 bonus for $5,000 in sales. For example:
$1,000 in sales = a $100 bonus; $4,000 in sales = a $400 bonus. You can earn up to a total
of $1,500 in Milestone Bonuses.                                                         pathway

Once you make to premier you percentage goes to commission 30% for a year. This replaces the kick start program. commission go up from there.

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Empty nest, be normal.

So the kids have grown and they say empty nesters are normal. Quietness is normal. Depression is normal. Then they come with their kids is normal. I don’t know what is normal.

Sleeping in is supposed to happen but I wait to see it. I get less sleep now kids are gone. Worrying what they are  doing, are they ok? I thought it was me but I’ve talk to several moms. Youngest is off to college and I’m constantly worrying about her. Hoping she’s not getting into the party life, and being safe at night when most of her classes are.

I think back on the years I had to play mom and dad, because father only came to see children on Holidays. It became so surreal when the kids started calling him the holiday daddy. The struggles of being a single mom are real.

Then I look  back and I did the best I knew how.    But no one told me about the empty nest and what to do next.  Is this where middle age crises sit in. Is there a book or guide I go by. Maybe a vacation, or trip some where or even a cruise, then I look back and no one is hanging to the shirt tail. Where did they all go?

empty nest

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Green Goddess


The solution that soothes. Revitalize your skin with Green Goddess, a topical oil with 100mg of CBD and other plant-based ingredients like hemp seed oil, squalane oil and turmeric. This nutrient-enriched formula provides a calm and relieving feeling, making it the refreshing last step to both morning and nighttime skin care routines.

Clean, green and serene. Our THC-free, non-GMO CBD is sustainably sourced from domestically grown hemp and we used the entire hemp plant in this product (stalk, seeds, stem, leaves, flowers) – so no part went to waste. FYI, our collection does NOT contain THC. The only high you’ll get is knowing your skin feels cool, calm and collected.

• Dry oil for easy absorption
• Suitable for sensitive skin
• Reduces redness and helps soothe irritation
• Rich in omega fatty acids and vitamin E
• Ultra-pure and sustainably sourced
• Fragrance-free
• Vegan
• Hypoallergenic
• Dermatologist-tested

• 99% natural ingredients
• CBD – This super ingredient contains vitamins A, D and E and essential fatty acids. We us an exclusive extraction and purification method to preserve all the good stuff.
• Hemp Seed Oil – Rich in omega fatty acids, vitamin E and amino acids that help visibly reduce redness and skin discomfort.
• Turmeric – Contains antioxidants and helps visibly reduce skin irritation and redness. It’s known as an adaptogen, a special kind of plant extract that helps skin resist the damaging effects of stressors.
• Squalane Oil (from sugarcane) – Replenishes moisture and helps stabilize skin’s natural barrier for a smooth, soft look.
• Jojoba Oil – Contains antioxidants and helps fight the effects of skin’s exposure to bacteria.
• Sunflower Seed Oil – Pressed from the from the seeds of a sunflower, it leaves skin feeling soft and protected.

AM/PM: After cleansing and serums and treatments, gently massage 4–6 drops onto face. (If you have extra dry skin, apply a cream or gel moisturizer before the CBD oil.) In the morning, follow with a sunscreen as the last step – we recommend Hydra Fusion Daily Beauty Defense SPF 50.
* For external use only. Avoid direct contact with the eyes. And for hygienic purposes, we recommend holding the dropper away from skin.


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The Cush Life!



Our exclusive collaboration with The Face Shop brings you super-luxurious Korean beauty products that are influencing the world. Enjoy!

Our Moisture Cushion Blush creates a dewy, watercolor-like flush on cheeks. Just press the poof into the sponge compact to soak up the liquid, then apply to your cheeks for soft, natural color. 28 oz. net wt.

• Blend of passion flower, rosehip oil and vitamin E leaves skin feeling nourished
• Portable cushion
• Long-wearing blush
• Zero spill potential

Gently tap puff on cushion. Lightly tap onto cheeks.

The first cushion product was launched in 2008. The idea came from a stamp that could be patted and pressed evenly to deliver liquid formulas. This innovation sparked the booming trend in the Korean Beauty market with a variety of different formulas, finishes, and benefits in each cushion compact.

The innovation features a unique, saturated, soft-textured puff sponge that releases a controlled quantity of liquid blush to allow for even application with a flawless, natural finish. There is also a middle cap inside that protects the foundation and prevents it from drying out

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